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401(K) PLANS


Who will act as a Fiduciary to your Plan?

Your company’s 401(k) retirement plan allows employees to make a pre-tax and Roth investments directly from their paychecks. A licensed 401(k) plan advisor can assist your company in making sure your 401(k) plan is managed, monitored, and analyzed properly while operating as an ERISA Fiduciary. A qualified plan advisor can also advise your employees on properly investing their own funds to save for retirement.


How We Design 401(k) Retirement Plans

All company 401(k) plans work differently, so entrusting your plan to a knowledgeable, licensed advisor will ensure proper investment and protection for all participants. This is a continuing process that begins with plan design, and includes updating, monitoring, authorizing transactions, testing, preparing files and disclosures, managing funds, and problem-solving. Your 401(k) plan advisor can help employers navigate through unusual events, such as mergers, as well. This is a job that requires attention to detail, a high level of investment planning knowledge, and precise management skills.

Oxinas Partners 401(k) plan advisors have years of experience and offer a hands-on approach to financial record-keeping and investment, making us a natural choice to advise your company’s 401(k) retirement plan. We make the process easy, giving employees different options, communicating what’s happening with their accounts, helping them each meet their goals for long-term financial stability.


At Oxinas Partners, we offer low cost options with fully disclosed fees on many plans including. Our focus on client relationships means we provide individual, face-to-face consultation and education in order to align our strategy with what your employees need out of their 401(k) retirement plans.

As comprehensive 401(k) plan advisors, we work behind the scenes as well as directly with you and your participants. We provide a more sophisticated level of service and support that “800-Number” providers and most others can’t provide, and we’re dedicated to making sure your employees receive all of the education they need to make decisions regarding their deferral and investments. We’ll do the day-to-day work, of course, but you can count on us to make the important moves as well, in an ethical, dedicated, cost-effective manner.


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